Correcting Smiles One Crown & Bridge at a Time

When you’ve got a damaged smile, you want to know that your dentist offers modern and reliable solutions. Crowns and bridges have long been a staple of restorative dentistry, and Crown Hill Dentistry offers beautiful results with porcelain crown and bridge.

Crowns are versatile. They can be used to repair a damaged tooth, hold a bridge in place to replace missing teeth, or attach to a dental implant. Plus, thanks to porcelain, crowns can be not only versatile but beautiful as well. When used to repair a damaged tooth that doesn’t need extraction, a crown simply fits right over the natural tooth. The crown itself will be shaped like a natural tooth, including a creviced chewing surface to make the crown fully functional. Then, your tooth will be shaped so that the crown can fit over it, returning your mouth to complete strength and health. If a crown is used to anchor a bridge, then it will be located at the end of the bridge – one crown on each end – to fit over the teeth that abut the gap. Plus, if a crown is fit for a dental implant, it will be specially designed to attach to the implant.

A bridge is a single replacement tooth or row of replacement teeth with crowns on either end to hold it in place. A bridge can also be designed to attach to dental implants, offering more efficient tooth replacement for those with multiple missing teeth.

Whatever your needs, Dr. Gooding will be sure to provide a full evaluation and give you options for restoring your smile to optimal health!

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