Crown Hill Dentistry in Clinton, Indiana

We are in the relationship business. Dentistry is what we do.

At Crown Hill Dentistry, relationships are a priority. We believe that in order to create fabulous smiles for your family, we must first know you, your needs, and what you want from us. In our comfortable office, you can receive the latest restorative and cosmetic dentistry, including root canals, orthodontics, no-prep veneers, and so much more.

We know that there are three basic fears that often come between patients and the dental care they need. These fears are fear of pain, fear of judgment, and fear of cost. We want you to know that Crown Hill Dentistry is completely committed to helping you overcome these fears by offering comfortable, friendly, caring, and affordable dentistry that is focused on you. Our office offers complete sedation dentistry to make sure that any patient suffering with extreme dental anxiety or fear can find relief and receive excellent care.

Our Philosophy

Our practice philosophy embraces three very important goals. First, we are challenged to provide good dental information in a way that our patients easily understand. Our every action is performed with the understanding that each patient is a child of God, and the information we offer will lead patients to the choice that is right for their unique situation. We will never be judgmental regarding those choices. When a patient makes an informed choice to receive a dental treatment and chooses our delivery system, our second goal is to deliver our best and finest treatment. Our third and final goal is that all of our patients are pleased with their decisions at the end of treatment and for years to come. Our desire is to fulfill all of our patients’ hopes and expectations – and a little bit more. We hope that our service will prompt patients to recommend our practice to people they care about.

Decathlon Dental Care

What do we mean when we call ourselves a decathlon dental practice? Rarely will you find so many services in one space. Not only do we offer the general family dentistry services that you and your family need to have basic oral health, but we go far beyond these foundational services. We even offer complete traditional orthodontics, Invisalign, and ClearCorrect to give patients options for addressing various bite problems. We perform endodontic treatment and place dental implants. We know that our community is special and deserves a unique approach that takes all of your needs into account. That’s why we offer so many options for care at Crown Hill Dentistry.

Our Invitation to You

If you're searching for a dental practice that puts people first…
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If you'd like to see the smile of your dreams in your reflection every day…
Call Crown Hill Dentistry today and schedule your initial consultation, checkup, or second opinion visit. We look forward to getting to know you, optimizing your oral health, and giving you the smile of your dreams.

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