Treatment for Snoring

Many people and their bed partners suffer from the effects of snoring.  Although snoring may just seem like a pesky habit it is often an early warning sign that something if wrong.   Snoring can happen due to obstructions within your nasal passageway or due to the muscles and soft tissue in the back of your throat collapsing during sleep.

 If you are snoring we recommend you talk to your health care providers to determine the cause and other factors in your health that may be affected including blood pressure, sugar control, daytime tiredness and even depression and anxiety.  Dr. Gooding is passionate about protecting her patient’s airways – if you are experiencing any of these symptoms please contact us so we can help!

If sleep disordered breathing has been ruled out with medical testing we can make an easy to wear appliance that can reduce or eliminate snoring completely!  We also have myofunctional therapy as another way to help improve your snoring, sleep and overall health!

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