Myofunctional Therapy

You can think of myofunctional therapy as physical therapy for your mouth. The goals of therapy are to establish coordinated muscle movements in the face/mouth and to eliminate improper postures, compensations, and muscle bracing. When the tongue, lips, and facial muscles are working properly with no compensatory movements, the teeth naturally align in a more aesthetic and straight position, and the jaws develop in a forward position which leads to the proper development of the upper airway.

The 4 Main Goals of Myofunctional Therapy are:

1.    Establish exclusive nasal breathing all day and night
2.   Proper tongue posture (entire tongue in the roof of the mouth)
3.   Proper lip seal
4.   Establish correct swallow mechanics

What are some reasons to start a myofunctional therapy program?

Many people can benefit from myofunctional therapy including kids and adults. Patients who have an open bite, open mouth posture (mouth breathing), tongue-tie, snoring, etc. are all great potential candidates for myofunctional therapy.

Myofunctional therapy also is beneficial to anyone with snoring or sleep apnea.  If either of these conditions exist we know the muscles cannot be functioning optimally so by training the mouth and muscles for better breathing there can be improvements not only in snoring but in the severity of your sleep apnea!

Our myofunctional therapist, Suzie Crouch, RDH, OMFT will do a full assessment and create a plan to make sure that you or your child are functioning ideally for your health and smile!

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